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Treatments and Therapy for Brain Health

  • St Joseph Parish 2565 Third St. Trenton, MI. 48183 United States (map)

The drug companies have not been very successful in coming up with a significant treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease.  but there are many clinical trials going on all around the country and much is being learned about the disease. Scientists are looking at the brain in a different way and finding that lifestyle may have much more of an effect than ever thought before. High stress, low activity and poor diet may be a reason that so many people are developing unhealthy brains. This session will look at many ideas based on the research presented in the "Awakening from Alzheimer's" series that was on late last year. We will summarize the recommendations of these neurologists and their "treat the source" approach in combating this disease.    

Speaker:  Judy Petterle-Saylor,  HOPE Dementia Ministry, Certified Dementia Professional