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Brain Health and Preventing Dementia

  • Atria Kinghaven 14800 King Road Riverview, MI, 48193 United States (map)

Participants are invited to a complimentary breakfast beginning at 9 am or complimentary lunch beginning at 11 am. Please call Karen Roberts at 734-479-5900 to reserve a meal.

Topic: Brain Health and Preventing Dementia

Even though there has been only minimal success with drug therapy for dementia, there has been much success with other forms of treatment when an early diagnosis of symptoms occurs.  Scientists are looking at the brain in a different way and finding that lifestyle may have much more of an effect than ever thought before. High stress, low activity and poor diet may be one of the main reasons that so many people are developing unhealthy brains. This session will summarize the recommendations of these leading neurologists that are taking a “treat the source” approach rather than the “magic pill” approach. Learn about healthy eating, nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes that you can make to help improve and protect your brain.